Cruiser Trading is a Middle East footwear company that has brought to life the passion for clothing every foot with quality and affordable shoes of varying brands and types to fit people of all ages and lifestyles. Established in 1982 by the pioneer owner, Abbas el Cheikh Ali, Cruiser Trading finds its roots in one of the leading shoe markets in that era, Airport Road in Beirut, Lebanon. We continued to grow from there.

Cruiser Trading traveled far and wide all over the world to find only the best in the shoe market, reaching Italy, Spain, Indonesia, India and China to name a few. We gained significant footing in the Italian market, having acquired exclusive rights for Middle Eastern market of premium brands such as Girza, Effegi, Output, Melania and Tender. This sets us apart from the rest: we are global thinkers.

Our Brands

Cruiser Trading currently has four brands of quality footwear that are sold in our stores.

  1. Cruiser

    Our flagship brand that boasts a variety of shoes for men, women and kids with casual, classic, urban or medical specifications

  2. Output

    Italian brand for casual and classic footwear for men and women

  3. Coco

    A line of chic and luxury shoes for women

  4. Rosalia

    Specializes in classic high-heeled women’s shoes.

Our Vision

Cruiser Trading aims to be the key player in the Middle East shoe market that provides quality shoes at an affordable price. We vow to give the best deals to our retailers through our wholesale offers.


Brief History of Our Company

April, 2017

We proudly launch our new website to bring Cruiser Trading to the digital market. We gladly connect you to the world of footwear through our page, and we hope you find the shoes that feel right on your soles.

January, 2017

We have reached our first milestone in stock items of 1 Million plus.

September, 2012

We dropped Melania from our brands due to a surge in other Italian brands that diminished the demand for the brand.

January, 2007

We added the new brand to our roster, the Coco.It is a line of women’s and kid’s footwear that has a wide range of styles, designed for the fun-loving and active woman of today.

May, 2006

We introduced Rosalia to the market. The Rosalia brand boasts a top-of-the-line women’s high fashion shoes of all types. They cater to the specialities of a woman, from dancing to casual everyday wear.

April, 2004

We launched the Survival series for our Output line that features quality footwear with the innovative durability and sturdiness for an all-terrain and all-condition experience.

October, 2002

This is the year that propelled our vision to become the best in the industry. We decided to create a company that will make us a household name in shoe marketing. We became officially known as the Cruiser Trading Company.

November, 2000

We imported stocks from China to answer to the growing demands of more Chinese products in the market. Their affordability and easy-to-wear features made them gain a significant amount of popularity in the new millennium.

February, 1996

We gained exclusive rights to the distribution of the Italian Girza (Output) brand, an original stylistic line for fashionable wear.

September, 1990

We signed a successful deal with Cruiser Indonesia, maker and distributor of a wide selection of shoes, from casual to the durable.

May, 1985

We brought in new Spanish products that streamline wear ability and comfort in their design.

March, 1982

Abbas el Cheikh Ali made the sat leap of putting up his first store of quality shoes, with the goal of introducing premium Italian-made shoes for the Middle East market.

1000000Stock Items