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Cruiser Trading is a Middle East footwear company that has brought to life the passion for clothing every foot with quality and affordable shoes of varying brands and types to fit people of all ages and lifestyles


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[content_icon_box heading=”We Are Manufacturer” heading_size=”h2″ icon_position=”top” icon_style=”style-1″ link_target=”_self”]With over 20 years of experience with manufacturing footwear, we are proud to provide our distributors in the Middle East and North Africa region with high quality and everlasting shoes from Cruiser & Output. Either your are looking for high end products or low cost, we offer both.[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”We Are Wholesaler” heading_size=”h2″ icon_position=”top” icon_style=”style-1″ link_target=”_self”]Our wholesaler system and the local availability of more than one million items in stock has led us to build a network of a 750+ retailers that hand pick each and every product from our showrooms. Benefit from our exclusive offers, contact us now for more information.[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”We Are Retailer” heading_size=”h2″ icon_position=”top” icon_style=”style-1″ link_target=”_self”]Since Abbas el Cheikh Ali made the sat leap of putting up his first store of quality shoes in 1982, Cruiser Trading has been covering the Lebanese grounds from north to south with high quality footwear shops. Find out more where to find our products with the Store Locator.[/content_icon_box]